Episode 5

Published on:

6th Jul, 2024

Episode 4

Published on:

31st May, 2024

Episode 3

Published on:

23rd Apr, 2024

Episode 2

Published on:

19th Apr, 2024

Episode 1

Published on:

28th Mar, 2024

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About the Podcast

Behind the Glass Gallery Podcast
Behind the Glass Gallery podcast is a monthly talk with the current month's BTG Roster. Artists are interviewed about their submissions and we dive deep into their process, inspiration and thought process centralized around their artwork in the Behind the Glass Gallery located in the heart of Downtown Rochester NY.
Hosted by Richard B Colón and Quajay Donnell
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Matt Knotts

Co-founder and curator of Lunchador Podcast Network, focused on art, culture and social issues in Rochester NY. Ticketing and Technology Coordinator for Anomaly: The Rochester Genre Film Festival